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1. Optical Illusions
Illusions to trick you and entertain your eyes with brain tricks and hundreds of images...
[ http://www.optillusions.com ]

2. Live Sudoku
Play sudoku online for free with Live Sudoku. All puzzles contains hints and solutions. Create customized sudoku ebooks to print and send challenges to your frie...
[ http://www.live-sudoku.com ]

3. xwords.co.uk Free Crosswords Online
Play the crosswords (xwords) that other people have created or make your own c...
[ http://www.xwords.co.uk ]

4. Pop music quiz
Music trivia quiz at Popkwiz.com with 3 new music questions per day. Includes an archive of previous music quest...
[ http://www.popkwiz.com ]

5. KidBrainGames.com
A collection of original educational games kids can play online. Word games math games me...
[ http://kidbraingames.com ]

6. Puzzle Choice - Puzzles and Games
A great choice of puzzles and games. Crosswords word search puzzles number puzzles brainteasers...
[ http://www.puzzlechoice.com ]

7. Historiddle
Collection of internet puzzles riddles and brain teasers based on historic and anecdotic events. Solve the puzzle for each year find the hidden puzzles and reach the rank of...
[ http://historiddle.50webs.com/ ]

8. The Real Quiz Company
Pub quiz questions for sale with immediate download. Secure payment....
[ http://www.realquizcompany.co.uk ]

9. Hidden Object Games
Site where you can play free hidden object games online: hidden number hidden letter hidden clu...
[ http://www.hiddenobjectgames.com ]

10. Strictly Sudoku
Free sudoku site with thousands of puzzles from easy to expert solver and tutorials to help you along timed puzzles player stats and high scores for the com...
[ http://www.strictlysudoku.com/ ]

11. Sudoku
Sudoku puzzles in different degrees of difficulty. To play online print out o...
[ http://www.sudoku-puzzles.net/ ]

12. Griddlers
FREE site for those who love logic puzzles. Thousands of paint-by-number puzzles to solve online/offline special section for kids. Sharp your mind enhance your knowledg...
[ http://www.griddlers.net/ ]

puzzle games url page: More games url

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