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1. Make Money with Blogs
Money is great. Blogs are great. So why not...
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2. Kenya safari: wildlife experience
A photo-illustrated travelogue of Kenya from Diani Beach to the Masai Mara. It features a wildlife safari maps Africas big five...
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3. BonBon s World Travel Tips
Tips and travel stories for the world traveller. Share your travel...
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4. Ray s Adventures
Sharing world travel experiences and adventures. Includes photos commentary and travel forum...
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5. Healthy Weight Loss Blog - A Weight Lifted
For women tired of struggling with their weight bodies and dieting. Get control of your life by giving up the diet head. Learn how to eat lose weight...
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6. Snowbabies
Diary of a nutty couple in Yorkshire with two dogs and three...
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7. UIC MBA Blog of an entrepreneur
Describes experiences as a UIC MBA student and entrepreneurial ventures. It allows potential entrepreneurs and MBA students to take a glimpse into the...
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8. Search Engine Marketing Blog - iCrossing
Find solutions to your problems and find the best results for your campaigns. If you know how potential consumers search for your business products...
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9. Harald Felgner and the Red Fez
Topics from information architecture in x-cultural marketing thoughts on interaction design usability a...
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10. LS Blogs
Blog Search Engine and directory. Free submission searchable (including blog posts) and categorised. Find blogs blog hosts tools...
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11. Patty Cakes Corner
Incredible website/blog that includes kid friendly recipes crafts gardening tips books and event...
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12. Jesuvera: Spiritual Adventures of a Catholic
A personal website providing an interesting mix of faith...
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13. Gadget XS
This gadget blog has up-to-date news on Gadgets and Gizmos from all over the world. If you need to...
[ ]

14. My thoughts...on stuff
The blog that mixes current events with relentless cynicism and blatant sarcasm. Frequently up...
[ ]

15. Freshwater Planted Aquarium Blog - Aquatic Eden
A freshwater planted aquarium blog featuring beginner s guides tropical fish and plant profiles product reviews and advice for aspiring aquasca...
[ ]

16. TopMac
All around Apple Macintosh: news rumors hardware and softw...
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17. Web Business Architecture
Practical Advice On Building And Promoting A Web Business. This site contains useful articles on website and blog design seo and social market...
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18. Twenty Steps - Trying to Make a Million Online
One mans attempt to make money online including information about affiliate schemes online advertising website design SEO marketing strategies...
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19. Web Directory Reviews
Blog providing reviews of web directories and interviews with their owners. As well as the official review the public can rate and comment on each reviewed directory...
[ ]

20. CRM Blog
Online customer relationship management (CRM) advisory blog delivering advice best practice and information you need to maximize the res...
[ ]

21. Branding Strategy Insider
BSI helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands....
[ ]

A web 2.0 and technology startups news weblog profiling next generation web Portals Websites and Services in India an...
[ ]

23. Karel s Legal Blog
Attorney / lawyer Karel Frielink discusses legal issues relating to Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao Bonaire...
[ ]

24. Man-o-pause
Commentary on issues facing men mid-life including male menopause and midlife crisis. Written from a woman...
[ ]

25. Mazoo s Learning Blog
Tutorials and helpful tips to pass a finance and accounting certifica...
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